Awesome Sci-Fi Minecraft Creations

Awesome Sci-Fi Minecraft Creations


You can almost smell the anticipation

Since its release, Minecraft has been a revelation for gamers everywhere. Not since Tetris has the gaming community been so enamoured with blocks, and not since Lego have they been so enraptured by construction. Minecraft allows the player to unleash their imagination, no matter how wild, and display their creations online. Remember to use good mining equipment and the best rock crushers for the game.

Greek Roman

The Greek remake of Empire was decidedly low budget.

 How these minecrafters choose to express themselves is usually a fairly sedate affair. Castles, bridges and the occasional dodgy-looking landmark has become the norm (Minecraft Stonehenge… yawn).

However, there is a new trend that shows off the true passion and dedication of the community… recreating famous Sci-Fi characters, vehicles and buildings – what else? Science fiction and video games go together like geeks and gadgets, so we’ve decided to do a quick list of twelve of our favourites.

Hoth Block

Spanish Version


The Spanish version wasn’t much better.

We may as well get this one out of the way first, as we all knew it was coming. Star Wars is where it all began for many science fiction fans, and the battle for control of Hoth, the ice planet, is almost everybody’s favourite scene.

It’s got speeders, lasers, walkers and ice troopers. But most crucially, it does not have Jar Jar Binks, which is enough to make it an instant classic in its own right… stupid frog.

Darth Block

Need a hand

Need a hand there?

Continuing the Star Wars theme, we present another take on how players can re-create their favourite scene. Here we see Vader reaching out to Luke just having lopped off his hand and telling him he’s his father (get them on Oprah, NOW!).

We have to wonder how long this took to create, but we must concede that it is surely worth all the effort… maybe. Well done, anyway.

USS Block

Its a long way

It’s a long way down; you’d better Klingon.

Slightly more complex and scientifically accurate than the Star Wars universe is Star Trek. What could be more fun than watching Shatner gad around the universe looking for morally questionable adventures to have. Was it as good as Star Wars? Who knows.

What we do know is that this construction of the USS Enterprise will certainly live long and prosper. Sorry.

Come with me if you want to Block

Come with me

I need your clothes, your boots and your excavation tool.

We were going to go with ‘I’ll be Block’, but it seemed too obvious. This creation of the famous T-1000 from the Terminator films shows how precise and technical some constructions can get.

We do worry about the amount of time spent on this, but for this moment, let’s just enjoy what they’ve made…

Doctor Block

Doctor Block

It was less fuss than recreating a cyberman.

While not as exciting as giant land walkers or robots disguised as Austrian bodybuilders, the Tardis is about as iconic as it gets for Sci-Fi fans. Although the space inside of the Doctor’s personal time machine is supposed to be deceptive, we feel making one the size of a skyscraper is cheating slightly. Despite all this, well done, that man.

Here’s a picture of a Minecraft Dalek to celebrate.



Introducing: The world’s most threatening wheely bin.

Where we’re going, we don’t need Blocks

Bill and ted

Bill and Ted wished they had one of these.

From one fairly bland time machine to probably the coolest time machine ever developed – Doc Brown’s DeLorean from the Back to the Future films. The DeLorean was not a particularly great car (bless it) and many sceptics wondered if a factory-standard model would even manage 88 MPH in real life. Be that as it may, it has become one of the most iconic cars in all of Sci-Fi land.

Not bad, considering they didn’t even bother to paint it.

Robots in Blocksguise

Robots in Blocksguise

Lighten up OP; don’t be such a square.

The Transformer films are all three-hour success stories for a well-pitched marketing and merchandising campaign. You may think us cynical, but re-casting Bumblebee as a Mustang is a crime against our childhood so grave that we will never let it go. He was a VW Beetle damn it!

Either do it right, or not at all.

Gundam Block

Gundam Block

His special power was standing still. You’re right, it wasn’t very special.

From one giant robot to another, this Gundam creation is on the verge of utterly flawless. One problem when working with blocks is that your creations can look a little… well, blocky. This hasn’t stopped this creator, however, as he has managed to create smooth(ish) curves for his robot.

You could learn a lesson from this chap Optimus.

Block Runner

Block Runner

Was he really a replicant? No, but he was Hans Solo, so that’s got to count for something.


This construction might not be as instantly recognizable as some of the others we’ve seen. This lovingly rendered version of the Tyrell Corporation building is an astonishing achievement considering the complexity of the subject and the scarcity of information regarding it.

They even managed to get the lighting right. Kudos.

Who watches the Blockmen?


What lies behind the mask? Probably more blocks.

Here is an alternative way of presenting Rorschach. But the designer was prudent enough to include the recognizable smiley face badge, lest we think the whole thing was a black and white smear. It is odd to see Rorschach presented in such a cutesy way, as he seems to attract violence in every panel he is in.

Block Effect (and Block Effect 2)

Geek Paradise

Geek paradise.

Mass Effect was a revelation for many gamers. Creating an entire universe of planets and races and giving you the opportunity to explore the whole lot over the course of three games was quite an epic undertaking for BioWare. Almost as large an undertaking as this chap had when he set out to create the Normandy SR1 spaceship from the original game.

Incidentally, the Normandy SR2 has also been developed by another minecrafter.

Geek Paradise 2

Geek paradise #2

Bender Block

Bender Block

Kiss my blocky, metal ass!

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to do an article about science fiction without including everyone’s favourite gambling, smoking and hard-drinking robot – Bender. Matt Groening really pushed the boat out with Futurerama, creating a whole cast of characters you’d never want to meet in real life, and topping it off with a robot no one in their right mind would ever create.

That’s probably why everybody loves him so much.

So, there we have it; twelve incredible science fiction Minecraft creations. All this constructive energy got us wondering how we expressed our creative emotions before this wonderful game became available; then we remembered – Lego.

lego death star 2

WAIT, that’s no moon.

Many incredible creations have been pieced together, brick by brick, long before Minecraft was even invented. Here we see a giant Lego Death Star and even more giant Star Destroyer; more of a testament to man’s ability to waste time on incredible things. WE ROCK. — Pulverize the enemy —


Now that I’ve got this the girls won’t leave me alone… right?