15 Awesome mining memes

15 Awesome mining memes

Mining is definitely a serious business, but some of the people in the industry can still be funny. At Mining Examiner, we mind about the lighter side of the business, so here’s a list of the best mining-related memes.

1. Paradoxical activist

Paradoxical Activist mod

Just to use in case of emergency… Is taking a picture of my veggie meal an emergency? I hope so.

2. Just another day hanging out at work!

just hanging out at work mod

Look at me, riding a cat… terpillar!

3. Gold miners

Gold Miners mod

Fortunately, there’s still a sense of humour in the gold mining industry.

4. How about coal miners?

How about coal miners mod

You wish was so exciting like your mother thinks it is.

5. Mining engineer

Mining Engineer mod

Surrender yourself to the computer and mighty software!

6. Keep mining, boys!

Keep mining boys there’s gotta be karma here mod

Sorry to disappoint you, guys…

7. The mean boss

The mean Boss mod

An homage to lots of people who talk about mining like if they know a lot about it, when they clearly don’t.

8. Alright, Gina

Alright Gina mod

Gina Reinhart, an Australian mining heiress who is currently the president of the Hancock Prospecting group, has a strange vision of the world.

9. 2013 Most eligible bachelorette

Most Eligible Bachelorette mod

Well, congratulations, Abby, we’re sure you deserved it.

10. Message to the EMA

Message to the EMA mod

The environment says “thank you”, is that it?!

11. Advanced safety

Advanced Safety mod

Vest: check. Helmet: check. Gloves? Camon, guys, you always leave Joe alone.

12. What a lesson

What a lesson mod

Sometimes, more than we think.

13. Looks perfectly safe to me

Looks Perfectly Safe to me mod

That skull might be a sign, just saying!

14. Confused coal activist

Confused Coal Activist mod

Well, how else will he be able to send emails and organize protests?

15. UBC Mining engineers

UBC mining Engineers mod

Hipster mines (and dog) are cool!