15 Insane mining accidents

15 Insane mining accidents

From overturned trucks to huge fires, as well as crushed vehicles… Here’s a collection of some really mind boggling accidents that have occurred in the mining industry.

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 1. Dumper corner navigation fail

Dumper Corner Navigation Fail mod

Wrong turn, mate… And now what?

2.  Just how did he loose a gear?

Looks like this truck is not going anywhere. Better call the towage!

3. No driving zone violation

No Driving Zone mod

Well, the warning “don’t stop your car in this area” is not there just for the fun of it.

4. A strange visitor from space


You don’t need a metal detector for beginners to find this asteroid.

“Helen, come see our new coffee table!”

5. The truck that bit more than he could chew

Bit more than he could chew mod

Well, that’s not going to have a happy ending, we can assure that.

6. A good reason to keep away from mines

A good reason to keep away from mines mod

Another genius who thought this was a good place to stop his car. Guess what: it wasn’t.

7. Komatsu PC1800 up in flames

Burning Monster mod

It’s getting hot in here, right?

8. New truck up in flames

New Truck Up In Flames mod

Is “hell rider” a good term to define what’s going on in this picture?

9. Open-pit coal mine fire in Gippsland

 open-cut-coal-mine-fire-in-Gippsland mod

Using this open-pit coal mine was the only way the fire fighters had to stop a huge fire in the large rural region of Victoria, in Australia.

10. Coal mine accident in Pakistan


In 2011, in Quetta (Pakistan), 45 miners died in a coal mine collapse, most of them suffocated due to the methane gas.

11. Drilling rig accident

Drilling rig accident -Gulf of Mexico mod

Back in July of 2013, an evacuated drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico was destroyed by a huge fire.

12. Pike River mine explosion

pike river explosion mod

Four explosions killed 43 men, in what is considered New Zealand’s worst mining disaster.

13. Natural gas explosion in Wayne


A massive natural gas explosion destroyed a neighbourhood in San Bruno, California, in 2010. The accident killed eight people, injured 66 others and ruined 38 homes.

14. Pickup truck smashed in Witbank

Pickup Truck Smashed mod

Fortunately, only a car got destroyed in the accident revealed by this picture, taken at the Anglo coal mine, in Witbank (South Africa).

15. Mining burning coal?

Mining Burning Coal mod

We bet the burning smell is almost impossible to endure.