Ball Bearing Gearless Crusher

Ball Bearing Gearless Crusher

You save in 4 ways when you lower your:

  • Circulating Load
  • Power and wear on Conveyors
  • Power and wear on Elevators
  • Power and wear on Screens
  • Crushing costs per ton

And the best way to lower your circulating load is to install a KENNEDY BALL BEARING GEARLESS CRUSHER

When you put in a high capacity Kennedy Crusher you end the overloading and blinding of your elevators, screens and conveyors. 75% to 90% of the ore handled in the Kennedy is crushed so that it will pass the screen openings and can go directly to the ball mills for further reduction.

By lowering the circulating loud in this way you save a considerable amount in power and repair bills on your conveyors, screens and elevators. Yet the Kennedy Crusher keeps on producing day after day and you find that the cost per ton to reduce your ore is greatly reduced.

You can learn more about these rugged, reliable crushers by sending for a copy of our Bulletin No. 35 Or ask for one of our engineers to call and explain the savings that are entirely possible for you to realize.GEARLESS CRUSHER