Gravity Concentration

Falcon Enhanced Gravity Separator

Enhanced gravity separation devices (centrifuges) have been patented for over a century but were impractical until recently. The physical laws behind the concept were well understood but engineering had to catch up with the science. This included the development of abrasion resistant materials, the improved design of rotating equipment that allowed

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Mercury Amalgamation

Mercury or quicksilver fed into stamp mortar-boxes and riffles or applied to copper plates has been for ages the method of catching free gold. Many millions of ounces of gold have been saved thereby, and the mercury has been returned to circulation with small loss. Amalgamation is still practiced, but the recovery of gold by traps, jigs, cells, and

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Cheap Sluice Mat – Corduroy

Cheap Sluice Mat

Details of the use of corduroy are given in the section covering gold and silver, but there is no reason why this material should not be used by the small miner in the concentration of any sulphide ore—silver, mercury, copper, lead, antimony, and sphalerite, for example. Corduroy forms part of the concentrating equipment of the platinum ores

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Gold Planning

I have been given the opportunity to maybe teach you guys how to pan some gold and find some gold. I’ve been prospecting, my family been prospecting for many years. So we have a good mine just up the road. And hopefully today we can go out and find a little bit of Gold and anybody can go out and find with just a gold pan. That’s my goal just

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Gravity Concentrators & Jigs Compared

A Gravity Concentrator has the bed fluidized 100% of the time.A Jig is fluidized only 50% of the time.
A Gravity Concentrator works at 150 g forces.A Jig works at 1 g.
Material is caused to move in a lateral movement through the Gravity Concentrator.A Jig has a lateral movement and a vertical movement.
The Gravity Concentrator moves concentrate laterally at very near the speed of the cone and at the same time it moves the gangue being treated in a lateral vertical plane across the concentrate face.A Jig moves concentrate down into the hutch and gangue horizontally across the bed.
Gangue in the Gravity Concentrator picks up speed as it travels through the unit and the more centrifugal speed it picks up the closer it gets to the speed of the Gravity Concentrator.Materiel in a jig also picks up speed horizontally but as it does so it moves away from the speed of the jig which is zero and the faster it goes the less chance there is for concentration.
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