Bond Work Index Procedure and Method

Ball Mill Work Index

This Grindability Test or Bond Ball Mill Work Index Procedure is used to determine the Bond Work Index of minus six mesh or finer feed ore samples.  These equation application methods are used to process <1/2″ ore samples in a Ball Mill using a standard ball charge. Below describes in general terms the Bond Work Index … Read more

What Ore Testing is Required For Mill Selection

Beginners might ask what grinding test data is required in order to properly size a grinding mill. After the grind requirements are established, testing for the selec­tion of comminution circuits and mill size can be initiated and can include the following: Primary Autogenous Media Competency Primary Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Pilot Plant Secondary Autogenous (Pebble) Testing … Read more

Conical Ball Mills Benefits & Advantages: Hardinge

The generally recognized fact that for economic reduction of any material, it is desirable to perform such reduction in steps or stages, removing that material which is sufficiently fine as soon as it is reduced and grinding it still finer in some device more adaptable to this finer reduction. It has been found that by … Read more

KK-8 Kiln Furnace Liner Maintenance

KK 8 Liner Maintenance

Three products are supplied with the KK-8 for optimizing and extending the life of the kiln liner: Liner Restore, Armor Coat and Spill Stop. All three products must be kept from freezing, or they will become unstable and unusable. Restored Kiln Sections Liner Restore is an alumina silicate based viscous material that is designed for … Read more

SAG Mill Feed Chute Design| Long Life | Wear Resistant

Wear Resistant SAG Mill Feed Chute

This design of SAG mill feed chute lasted 9 months seeing 90,000 TPD.  It is 600 brinell chrome steel. With the big liners on the bottom of the chute you need to get a Chevron cast into the top to push the feed out to the sides for the first little while and then as … Read more

Mill Liner Profiler Tool -Track Liner Wear Pattern

Mill Liner Profile Tool

Here is a home-made tool to measure or obtain a fingerprint of your SAG and Ball Mill Liner wear pattern/profile. Each time you shut down, get a profile and build a wear-life over time database to better predict your next reline job or monitor improvements to your liner design. Simple Tool to Track Liner Wear … Read more

Optimum Mill Liner Spacing | Design Effectiveness SAG

Effect of Mill Liner Spacing Height to Distance Ration on Mill Capacity

The images (chart) below is industry standard when it comes to the relationship between a mill liner’s lifter bar height and the lifter to lifter spacing. What tonnage do you think this SAG mill liner design gets?