Ultrafine Grinding Test Report AKA IsaMill Signature Plot


Here is an energy plot AKA an IsaMill Signature Plot AKA a Ultrafine Grinding Test Report.  This test is performed using a Netzsch Grinding lab mill. I also include links to great articles about this powerful ultra-fine grinding technology. 1) IsaMill- 1:1 Direct Scaleup from Ultrafine to Coarse Grinding 2) The Benefits of IsaMill Testing 3) Industry/Research Papers from … Read more

How to Interpret Particle Size Distribution Data

D50 interpret particle size distribution data

For a great presentation on How to Interpret Particle Size Distribution Data D50 D80 D90 and D10 you need to see by Malvern.

How to Size a Cyclone | Hydrocyclone


How to Size a Cyclone or Hydrocyclone has a well establish step-by-step process for which Richard A. Arterburn was a pioneer.  Since this paper and its hydrocyclone sizing method is becoming hard to find, I uploaded it on here. Use the 911Metallurgist Online Cyclone Design Calculator. Hydrocyclone Design & Sizing Parameters – Calculations & Equations I … Read more

Bond Work Index Formula-Equation

Bond Work Index Equation

What is the Bond Work Index Formula-Equation?  In case you had forgotten, here is a classic: You can read all the details of this now “Biblical” grinding power requirement calculation formula in Fred Bond’s original paper.  You can also review the step-by-step Bond Work Index Test Procedure I posted here. See this useful summary Table of Bond Work … Read more

Slurry Stream Sample Cutter Dimensions for Grinding Circuit Survey

slurry sampler

A good grinding circuit survey (and flotation circuit sampling) is only as good as the sample cutter used for each slurry stream.  Correct sampler volume and opening size insures your sample is representative of the concentrator stream you are testing.  Here is a good suggested design with opening dimensions.  You need to add the handle … Read more