Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy

The first objective of Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy is to remove the Mineral as soon as freed and as coarse as possible” is the first rule in treating complex ores. Ores containing two or three metals have been satisfactorily treated for a number of years. Today, however, ores containing as high as four, five and even six and seven minerals are being efficiently concentrated. Such ores have always presented difficult problems. Only in the last ten years, after detailed studies and experiments were conducted both on methods and equipment, have treatment plants

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Solvent Extraction Training SX Course

Key Facts About Copper Solvent Extraction

  • First plant in 1968, now practiced on 6 continents
  • Most plants produce LME quality copper
  • Small (~ 1000 T / yr) to large.
  • Very simple (1 train at 2E,1S leaching one type ore)
  • Complex (4 trains at 2E,2E,1W,1S leaching antacamite and chalcocite)
  • Very complex (4 SX plants, 3 tankhouses, dump leach, heap leach, concentrate leach, oxide and sulfide ores)
  • Six types of leaching
    Heap, dump, in situ, vat, agitation, autoclave

Copper Recovery Process Composed of 3 Individual Processes

– Puts copper in an acid water solution
Solvent Extraction
– Transfer copper from leach to electrowinning
– Transfer acid from electrowinning to leach
– Transfers copper from solution to metal

The Process of Leach/SX/EW

The Process of Leach SX EW

Metal Leaching

Typical Sulphuric Acid Leach Solutions

Solvent Extraction Training Course 1

Common Features: Fe2+, Fe3+, sulfate salts of many metals including Mn, Mo and U at times

Typical Tankhouse Electrolytes

Typical Tankhouse Electrolytes

Solvent Extraction Training Course 2

Process Description

Process Description

Objectives of Solvent Extraction


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