Mineral Processing Research Articles

Platinum-Group Minerals in Chromitites Intrusion Magmatic Origin Low-Temperature Reworking Serpentinization Lateritic Weathering Integration of OHS into Risk Management in an Open-Pit Mining Project in Quebec (Canada) Integrated Approaches for the Study of Real Mineral Flotation Systems Study on the Optimization of the Industrial Structure in a Mining Economic Region Taking Carbon Emissions as a Restriction … Read more

PGM Ore Processing

The concept of project value tracking and its application in project planning at Anglo Platinum Flotation process optimization through frequent in-line grade measurement as an alternative to sampling surveys that deliver outdated results Case studies of simultaneous mining and mineral processing optimization applied to platinum and nickel operations Optimizing concentrate allocation to Anglo Platinum smelters … Read more

Mineral Processing Articles

Removal of Bi(III) and Zn (II) by nonliving Streptomyces rimosus biomass from nitric solutions Removal of chromium(VI) ions from synthetic solutions by the fungus penicillium canescens Removal of iron-cyanide complexes using micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration Removal of limestone from bauxite by magnetic separation Removal of radioactive elements from niobium and tantalum ores Role of Microorganisms in Mining … Read more

Geostatics Mining Extractive Metallurgy Papers and Articles

Utilizing Coiled Tube Rig for Mineral Exploration Application Suggested Support System for a Mining Tunnel in the E1 Longwall Panel of the Parvade1 Underground Coal Mine The Finite Element Method A Numerical Study of the Effects of Face Support Pressure and Soil Material Properties on Face Deformation and Lining Stresses in EPB Shield Tunneling A … Read more

Online Geology Course

Here is a “how” series on ore mineral deposit formation acting as a FREE Online Exploration Geology Courses to help non-technical people understand ore deposits, how they form, how they are explode for, how they are evaluated and mined and how the metals and minerals are extracted from the ore. The talks highlights some of the features of … Read more

Pumps & Pumping Tutorial Papers and Articles

What Constitutes HIGH ENERGY in centrifugal pumps Considerations in Hot and Cold Alignment and Couplings Harmonic Free Magnetic Soft Starters For Large Capacity High Voltage Induction and Synchronous Motors Driving Pumps and Compressors Corrosion in Pumps Short Course on Centrifugal Pump Operation for Operators Influence of Impeller Leading Edge Profiles on Cavitation and Suction Performance … Read more