Ferrocyanide Toxicity


It is generally agreed that the ferrocyanide ion is of a low order of oral toxicity, even in relatively large dosage. Kobert states that potassium ferrocyanide in alkaline solution is nontoxic. In Precis de Toxicologie it likewise is asserted that this salt is nonpoisonous and that it is useful as a diuretic. There is recorded a case of ingestion

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Lethal Dose of Cyanide

The chemistry of cyanide solutions is complicated because the cyanide ion forms compounds and complexes with many elements. Some cyanide species are highly toxic whereas others are relatively inert and harmless. Molecular hydrogen cyanide (HCN) is the most toxic form of cyanide. Under most conditions, HCN exists as a gas which readily dissipates

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How to Extinguish a Mine Fire

In the anthracite fields of Pennsylvania, mine fires occur with more or less regularity and their existence is an ever-present hazard in coal mining. In all probability 90 per cent, of the mine fires can be ascribed directly or indirectly to the ordinary miner’s open lamp. Other causes may be smoking, electrical installations, gas explosions, gas

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Underground Mine Ventilation

Efficient ventilation of underground mines consists in having such complete control of air currents that there is always supplied at places where men work sufficient moving air to allow working at maximum capacity without injury to health; and in case of underground fire or of surface fire in the vicinity of mine openings, underground

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Cyanide Poisoning Antidote

In 1910, the Committee of the Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining Society of South Africa, appointed to investigate cyanide poisoning, recommend as an antidote to Cyanide Poisoning the following:

  1. Thirty cc of a 23 per cent, solution of ferrous sulphate.
  2. Thirty cc of a 5 per cent, solution of caustic potash.
  3. Two grams of powdered oxide of magnesium (light).

In every cyanide-room there should be kept three boxes, containing—

  1. A metal receptacle to hold about a pint, and a spoon.
  2. A blue hermetically sealed phial, containing 30 cc of a 33 per cent, solution of ferrous sulphate.
  3. A white phial, hermetically sealed, containing 30 cc of caustic potash.
  4. A packet of oxide of magnesium (light).

Preparation of Antidote

Quickly empty the contents of the blue phial, of the white phial, and of the magnesia

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Underground Mine Fire Prevention

During the winter and spring of 1917, an unprecedented number of underground fires occurred in the Butte district. With one exception, these fires were caused by the failure of electrical equipment, and called attention to the increased fire hazard in underground mining operations occasioned by the extensive use of electricity.

Five local conditions

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Gold Room Security

Very little is documented about Gold Room Security due to the sensitivity of people around it. At the same time, when establishing a new operation it is useful to have a standard security starting point on which to address the issues with directly related to gold room security design fundamentals.

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Crushing Plant Startup Sequence & Procedure

The following items make up an EXAMPLE Crushing Plant Startup Sequence & Procedure that all must be checked in preparation and before the equipment in the Crushing Plant is started.crushing-plant

  1. If maintenance

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Gold Processing Plant Glossary

The point of a cone. The point of a cyclone from which coarse material is discharged. In a cyclone, it is open and the size of the opening affects cyclone performance.

A silver sulphide mineral (Ag2S). The most important silver mineral in the ore.

Barren Solution:
The cyanide/lime process solutions that have

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Fire Prevention in Mineral Processing Concentrator Plant

A fire prevention and control program must have the understanding and the cooperation of every employee in order to be effective. Although the overall program is under the direction of the mine manager, each employee on the job does have a direct responsibility for the program.

The mine manager, because of his knowledge of the operation, is in an

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