Crushing Plant Startup Sequence & Procedure

The following items make up an EXAMPLE Crushing Plant Startup Sequence & Procedure that all must be checked in preparation and before the equipment in the Crushing Plant is started. If maintenance has occurred since the last operating shift, ensure that the MCC is energized and that all safety locks have been removed from equipment starters. Walk along … Read more

Gold Processing Plant Glossary

Apex: The point of a cone. The point of a cyclone from which coarse material is discharged. In a cyclone, it is open and the size of the opening affects cyclone performance. Argentite: A silver sulphide mineral (Ag2S). The most important silver mineral in the ore. Barren Solution: The cyanide/lime process solutions that have had … Read more

Fire Prevention in Mineral Processing Concentrator Plant

A fire prevention and control program must have the understanding and the cooperation of every employee in order to be effective. Although the overall program is under the direction of the mine manager, each employee on the job does have a direct responsibility for the program. The mine manager, because of his knowledge of the operation, is … Read more

Hydrochloric Acid & Sodium Cyanide

Even a small concentration of hydrochloric acid in the air irritates the membranes of the respiratory tract making it easily detectable in amounts below the Threshold Limit Value of five parts per million. One to five parts per million can be detected by smell, while five to ten parts become disagreeable. In addition hydrochloric acid … Read more

Lead Nitrate Safety

Lead nitrate is used in small quantities in the gold recovery circuit. Lead is extremely toxic. It is a cumulative poison and so a dangerous exposure level would not necessarily show an immediate result, but continuous exposure at this level would maybe show as serious problems after a month. View a lead nitrate MSDS. Ingestion of … Read more

Sodium Cyanide Safety – Poisoning – HCN Vapor

Almost all solutions in the plant contain cyanide, and in the absence of any other information it should be assumed that all solutions contain cyanide. Because of the toxicity of sodium cyanide, it is important that all persons coming in contact with it be completely familiar with and observe the established safety practices. Sodium cyanide … Read more

Good Concentrator Safety Guidelines & Practices

The following guidelines are considered good industrial practice: When any equipment or structure is dismantled in whole or in part, and subsequently re-assembled, it must be completely checked and found to be safe before it is started up. Whenever a person observes what appears to be an unsafe or harmful condition or act he should report it as soon as … Read more

Cyanide Antidote Kit

FIRST AID, CYANIDE ANTIDOTE KIT, Braun—Arranged according to the recommendations of the Committee of the Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining Society of South Africa, appointed to in­vestigate cyanide poisoning. Accidental poisoning by cyanide will occur despite the greatest care, and death is liable to follow unless the proper antidote is at hand and administered at once. … Read more

Metallurgical Concentrator Safety A-Z

mining safety

The information that is in this, our last and most important, chapter deals with safety. To open this chapter I would like to make a few general statements concerning work habits, safety awareness and safety programs. The operation of a concentrator plant can be very dangerous or it can be very safe. How it is … Read more

Mill Operator Crane Operation Safety

crane operation

Mill Operator Crane Operation Safety:  Both to you, anyone helping you, and the equipment that you are working around. When you are learning this job, some of the skills that you should be developing are, how to stop a swinging load, accuracy when moving your load into position, and finally safety awareness. The parts to … Read more