Dowsett Density Valve

Dowsett Density Valve

Dowsett Density Valve is a simple, automatic control for discharging hutch concentrate from the (Selective) Mineral Jig. By its use, concentrate is automatically discharged in predetermined quantities at high density, eliminating risk of inattention by manual labor. Where a rougher-cleaner jig combination is used, this valve makes an ideal device for feeding the secondary machine.

Dowsett Density Value

Operation of this density valve depends on the weight of the settled granular jig concentrates gradually overcoming the water pressure previously created in the valve. As the amount of concentrate increases, it closes the feed pipe to the valve and also increases the weight on the discharge disk. When this weight exceeds the decreasing pressure, the valve opens and discharges its contents as well as the contents of the feed pipe. Then the water pressure in the jig hutch causes the water rushing into the valve to expand against the canvas diaphragm, on account of the limited discharge opening around the disk, and this causes the discharge disk to be raised to the closed position. The cycle is then repeated.

The Dowsett Density Valve is low in cost, easy to install, and requires no power or operating attention. 
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