Flash Flotation in Gold Circuit – 2 Product Processing

Flash Flotation in Gold Circuit – 2 Product Processing

DESCRIPTION: Flash Unit Flotation Cell in selective “gold” flotation circuit.

ORE TREATED: The widest application of this flowsheet is on lead-zinc ore treatment, although it also can be applied to some gold ores as well as molybdenum ores containing other sulphides. This circuit is very similar to the now closed Cominco Polaris mill has; an ‘in-grinding’ flash Pb, a Pb rougher and standard Zn flotation circuit.

ADVANTAGES: In a selective flowsheet, the Flash Unit Flotation Cell installed in the ball mill-classifier circuit recovers a coarse, high-grade lead-silver or molybdenum concentrate. By placing the Flash Unit Flotation Cell at this point in the circuit it prevents excessive grinding of the mineral and thus increases extraction by reducing losses from the sliming of the material which results from overgrinding. The high specific gravity of these minerals keeps them in the grinding circuit where they are badly overground before overflowing the classifier. In addition to increasing recovery, the Unit Flash Flotation Cell greatly reduces the moisture in the shipping concentrate due to the granular nature of the concentrate which aids filtering and drying.

By recovering any of these mineral values as soon as they are freed, better recovery and often increased capacity have resulted.

PROCESSING COMMENTS: In many installations of the Flash Unit Flotation Cell in selective flotation plants, increased recovery of lead or other sulphide has been obtained and usually a higher grade product has been secured from this machine.

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