Gold Flash Flotation with Whole Ore Cyanidation Leaching

Gold Flash Flotation with Whole Ore Cyanidation Leaching

GOLD CIRCUIT PROCESS FLOWSHEET DESCRIPTION: At the ball mill discharge, a Gold Flash Flotation Cell ahead of a cyanide circuit for the removal of concentrate for finer grinding or roasting, or for the removal of sulphides that are cyanicides (cyanide consumers) or for the removal of other interfering constituents.

ORE TREATED: On ores where gold and silver are closely associated with sulphides or tellurides, or where cyanicides or colloidal matter interferes with cyanidation leaching.

ADVANTAGES: The Flash Gold Flotation Cell can be used to remove a high percentage of the sulphides or tellurides for regrinding or roasting before returning to the circuit, thereby improving conditions for cyanidation and increasing recovery.

The Flash Unit Flotation Cell is capable of removing cyanicides or colloidal material which interfere with the cyanidation process; thus operating conditions are simplified.

In addition to acting as a concentrating and recovery unit, the violent agitation and aeration in the cell increases the oxygen content of the pulp and improves the cyanide extraction ahead of the primary thickener.

PROCESSING COMMENTS: This flowsheet will come into more common usage as additional reagents are developed which can be effectively applied in high lime and cyanide solutions. It has the advantages illustrated in this other Flowsheet of removing gold or silver bearing sulphides for finer grinding and subsequent cyanidation with the coarser gangue fraction of the ore.FLOTATION and Cyanidation Leaching Circuit