Laboratory Flasks/Erlenmeyer/Pyrex Glass

Laboratory Flasks/Erlenmeyer/Pyrex Glass


FIXANAL, Standardized Solution Apparatus—A method of preparing correctly standardized solu­tions for volumetric analysis without titration. The method depends on the use of sealed cap­sules containing the proper amount of accurately standardized reagent to make up 1000 ml. and an apparatus for releasing the contents into a standard 1000 ml. volumetric flask.

To prepare a solution, for example, of 0.1 N-sodium thiosulfate, the capsule so marked is selected and held over the funnel as in the illustration. When dropped, the thin bottom of the capsule is broken on the point (c) and while the glass is retained in the funnel, the contents are washed into the flask with distilled water. When diluted to the graduation mark, the volu­metric solution specified on the capsule has been prepared and is ready for use.

Breaking apparatus complete with special funnel and two piercing rods, but without volu­metric flask or standardized capsules.

FIXANAL, Standardized Capsule—Of certified accuracy. For use with breaking apparatus No. 28910. Each capsule contains the exact amount of prepared reagent for making one liter of the solution specified.

Dilution is made with distilled water in all cases with the exception of standard iodine (iodate). The instability of the iodate requires the following procedure:

Note: 0.1 N-Iodine-Iodate; pierce the bottom of the capsule and wash contents into the flask. Add sufficient water only to dissolve the substance. When all is dissolved add 25 ml. of 50% Sulfuric Acid. Then fill up to the 1000 ml. mark with distilled water.

Fixanal capsules are available single or in convenient cartons of ten capsules each.

FLASK, Flat Bottom, Pyrex Glass—Ring neck. For use as wash bottles and in other work requiring rigid stoppering.

pyrex flask

  • FLASK, Erlenmeyer, Pyrex Glass—Vial mouth.
  • FLASK, Erlenmeyer, Pyrex Glass—Wide Vial mouth.
  • FLASK, Distilling, Pyrex Glass—With side tube.


FLASK, Copper Determination, Pyrex Glass—Flat bottom. Flared mouth. 

FLASK, Filtering, Pyrex Glass—Heavy wall. With side tube.


  • FLASK, Parting, Colorado Form-Capacity, 30 ml
  • FLASK, Volumetric, Pyrex Glass-Without stopper. Accurately graduated to contain. Calibrated at 20° C.
  • FLASKS, Graduated, Volumetric, Exax Blue Line—Graduated to contain, without stoppers Calibrated at 20° C.
  • FLASK, Volumetric, Pyrex Glass—With Pyrex ground-in glass stopper, contain.  Accurately graduated to contain. Calibrated at 20° C.
  • FLASKS, Graduated, Volumetric, Exax Blue Line—Graduated to contain, Glass Stoppered. Calibrated at 20° C.