French Crushability & French Abrasion Index

French Crushability & French Abrasion Index

The french crushability and french abrasion test gives an abrasivity index and a crushability index that will rate the material in comparison with other materials. The french abrasion test is mainly used to estimate hammer wear life in impactor applications. The crushability index is a measure of how easily the material breaks down. The test also includes the specific gravity or solid density of the material. Metso

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The abrasion index gives an indication of the abrasiveness of the material and is used for estimating the service life of wear parts for crushers.
Abrasiveness gives an indication of the abrasiveness of the rock material.

The Bond work indices (or “impact work index”) can be used for estimating the crushability of material and the crusher’s energy consumption.

The crushability value can be used for estimating the degree of difficulty of the material tested.

The dynamic fragmentation value gives an indication of the material’s resistance against impact.

The flakiness index gives the percentage of flaky particles in the sample.

The Los Angeles value gives an indication of the resistance of the material to abrasion and impact.

The sand flow test is for estimating the shape of fine aggregates (< 2 mm).

Sieving analysis is performed to determine the particle size distribution of the sample.

Solid density is the mass (g) per unit volume for the material(mm3).