Gravity Gold with Amalgamation and Cyanide Leaching Extraction

Gravity Gold with Amalgamation and Cyanide Leaching Extraction

PROCESS FLOWSHEET DESCRIPTION: Gold Mineral Jig in cyanide circuit with amalgamation of the Jig concentrates.

ORE TREATED: Practically all ores treated by cyanidation and especially all ores containing coarse gold.

ADVANTAGES: The Mineral Jig and Amalgamation Unit have a definite place in cyanide plants, as it has been found that the gold recovered by the Jig includes coarse or granular gold which does not completely dissolve in the cyanide solution during the treatment time given the pulp. The removal of this gold by the Jig tends to provide an overflow from the classifier which is consistently low in gold value-and due to this feature erratic high tailings are eliminated and recoveries improved.

Economies in both plant construction and operation have been realized in the many cases where the Jigs are used as shown. The removal of this very small fraction of the ore for grinding and amalgamation eliminates the necessity on many ores for fine grinding and long time of agitation with the cyanide solution.

PROCESSING COMMENTS: In some plants where the Mineral Jig has been installed, Jig recoveries are so high that subsequent cyanide treatment of classifier overflow has become unprofitable and has been replaced by “Sub-A” Flotation or by gravity methods with equal or better results. See Flowsheet.