Reduction Potential Gold

Reduction Potential Gold


gold reduction potential
Figure 2 and 3 Au–H2O and Au–CN–H2O diagrams at 25°C | Reduction Potential Gold

The oxidation-reduction (dissolution and precipitation) of gold from Au –> Au+ +e- is driven by this equation.  Without using a gold periodic table or a oxidation potential chart, you can simply review the chemistry here:standard reduction potential definition

Figure 1 is Au–H2O system: No stability region for gold ions between lines; can’t dissolve Au in aqueous solutions (for now)
Figure 2 shows why we can’t dissolve gold; Figure 3 shows how we can (This is why cyanide is used).

  • Vertical line at bottom for H+ + CN– = HCN (g); impacts other lines.
  • Curvature of lines; reflects changing activity coefficients


These are controlled by water salinity as they need a strong oxidizing environment.

The redox potential of this system VS pH is shown in Figure 1

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