Small Ore Skips & Buckets

The Ore and Water Skip is furnished in a few standard sizes, but any size or style can be supplied. When these skips are used for handling water an automatic valve is supplied which is placed in the bottom.

Two styles are made as to attachment of the wheels and axles. In style “A” the axles are riveted to the sides, while in style “B” the axles extend across beneath the car. The illustration above shows the style “B” skip without a top or upper side. Ore and Water Skips are also available with riveted steel tops. The table below includes only data on units having steel tops but additional information on units without tops will gladly be furnished upon request.

When ordering, specify whether for ore or water, capacity desired, weight of one cubic foot of material to be handled, track gauge, angle of incline of shaft, and any limiting dimensions.

Ore and WaterSteelwork

Self-Dumping Skip or Bucket

Self-Dumping Skip or Bucket is heavily built to withstand the wear and tear of loading, rapid hoisting, and strains incident to dumping.

Two styles are available. Style No. 1 is the standard ….Read more

Metallurgical Concentrator Safety A-Z

mining-safetyThe information that is in this, our last and most important, chapter deals with safety. To open this chapter I would like to make a few general statements concerning work habits, safety awareness and safety programs.
The operation of a concentrator plant can be very dangerous or it can be very safe. How it is going to be depends upon you. No one else other than the person doing the job can make that job safe.
I feel that there are four factors that make for safe working conditions, job knowledge, work habits, safety awareness, and a supported safety program. Of those four how many will work, only, if you as an individual support them? The instruction and information that is in the earlier sections of this manual will give you a base to build your knowledge on. Your work habits are built from this job knowledge, personal instruction and day to day experience. A safety program is a co-operative system of rules and procedures that are developed between management and employees. The goal is to free the work place of potential dangerous areas and promote safer attitudes of the employees. This is ….Read more

Deforestation caused by mining activities in Indonesia threatens black macaque

800px-Celebes_crested_macaque Wikimedia

The growing mining activities and consequent deforestation in the Indonesian provinces of Central Sulawesi and Gorontalo are threatening the lives of the endemic Tonkean macaque monkeys, a species also known as the Sulawesi black macaque.

The animals can be found in the forests between North Palu and Tana Toraja, as well as south of the Lore Lindu National Park, according to The Jakarta Post. They are usually also seen in other locations around the peninsula, but not in the last four months.

The Tonkean macaque monkeys that used to live around the Podi village, in Tojo Una-Una, have been deserting their natural habitat since October and have begun to invade villages and farms.

The change was caused by the iron ore mining activities going on near Podi village, said Muhammad Rivai M. Hadi, a campaigner with the Central Sulawesi branch of the Mining Advocacy Network (Jatam).

We believe the macaques have left because of deforestation in the area and the noise from the mining equipment.

The monkeys have been destroying the local farms and oil palm trees, as the number of animals ….Read more

The five largest machines in the mining industry

Some mining machines are true beasts when it comes to their power, size and weight. Check out these five examples, the largest devices currently used in the industry, to see what we are talking about.

1. Bucket Wheel Excavator

800px-Bucket_wheel_excavator_under_repair_germany Wikimedia

Bucket wheel excavators are the largest machines ever used in the mining industry. Actually, one of them, the Bagger 293, is the largest land vehicle ever built in human history. This massive piece of mining equipment was build in 1995 and measures 96 metres in height.

2. Hydraulic Shovel


Hydraulic shovels come next, especially the Terex/Bucyrus RH400, a mining monster typically found in mines around the world. The machine weighs almost 980 tonnes.

3. Haul Truck

800px-BelAZ_haul_truck Wikimedia

Behold the world’s largest mining truck, the BelAZ with a weight of 450 tonnes. This machine was released in 2013.

4. Dozer

5 Youtube

The D-575A-3 Super Dozer, produced by Komatsu, is the biggest mining dozer you can find in ….Read more

Locked Cycle Testing -Flotation

800px-Prominenthill-flotation Wikimedia

Flotation Locked Cycle Testing has been the favorite method for arriving at a metallurgical projection from laboratory flotation testing in the mining industry in the last decade, mostly because the final cycles of the test mimic a continuous circuit.

The difference is that, in a batch test, “the deportment of the intermediate streams to concentrate or tailings is unknown”, as in locked cycle tests “these streams are recycled and, at the end of the test, the material in these streams should report to either concentrate or tailings”, according to “Mineral Processing Plant Design, Practice, and Control Proceedings, Volume 1”.

After this process, “it will be clear how the intermediate streams divide between concentrate and tailings”, the report adds.

Shortly, this means the process if adequate to achieve metallurgical projection of continuous circuit behaviour, assess of circuit stability and also of the flow-sheet or “network” development.

1 Product Lock Cycle Test Procedure

But what are the basics of flotation locked cycle testing?

A locked cycle test is a repetitive batch test used to simulate a continuous circuit. The ….Read more

Commission report may trigger shutdown of mines in Indian state

800px-Coal_mine_in_Dhanbad,_India Photo

A report released by the M. B. Shah Commission might change the face of the mining industry in the Indian state of Odisha. The exhaustive document with almost five volumes claims both the central and state governments are connected to illegal activities.

Several mines are now likely to face temporary closure after the commission’s analysis on illegal mining of iron ore and manganese ore in the state, Business Standard reports. The group has also asked the state government to expedite the recovery of 59,203 crore Rupees paid by mine owners, so they could raise ore beyond the approved limits.

Regarding the case, a mining expert and former director of mines with the state government said that:

The Shah commission’s recommendations are likely to trigger temporary closure of many mines. This in turn would have wide repercussions on the local economy as it would lead to unemployment. The state government will be in a quandary as well since it has allowed mines to operate without environment clearance and also issued permits for transport of excess ore and collected royalty on them. Again, it is the state government that has ….Read more

Top 7 biggest mining excavators in the world

Massive machines. This is the least we can say about the world’s heftiest mining excavators out there. Some of these beasts can weigh more than 800 tonnes, especially the models we have to show to you today. Meet the top seven biggest hydraulic mining excavators on the planet and once you are done go view some of our small gold mining equipment including a cone crusher review & a jaw crusher technical explanation. 

1. Bucyrus RH400


Weights almost 889 tonnes

The world’s biggest hydraulic excavator is currently owned by Caterpillar, but was originally launched by Terex, in Germany, in 1997.

2. Hitachi EX8000-6

Weighs 811 tonnes

The Hitachi EX8000-6, available with both shovel and backhoe attachments, was launched in 2012 by Hitachi Construction Machinery and is currently the second largest hydraulic excavator in the world. You will also find a complete ball mill operating guide.

3. Liebherr R9800

Youtube Youtube

Weights 810 tonnes

This excavator was built by Liebherr at its Colmar ….Read more

Chile might implement mandatory use of desalinated water in mining processes

Desalination plant Photo: Peter Campbell Desalination plant
Photo: Peter Campbell

The use of desalinated water in mining processes might become a mandatory action in Chile, after the submission of a new draft bill. The action was carried by the country’s lower house members, who want to fight the decreasing supply of the vital element, as well as provide a solution to the industry mounting power needs.

According to the lawmakers, the bill would force miners that consume over 150 liters of water per second to incorporate desalinated seawater into their operations, states a press release quoted by the site

“Communities in Atacama, the world’s driest desert, often feel they have to compete with mining companies for their water supply. (…) A president who vows to fight for the poorest, cannot sit back and do nothing about it”, an anonymous high-level mining industry executive told the website about two months ago.

800px-Desierto_Atacama Atacama desert
Photo: Christian Van Der Henst S.

Several mining companies operating in Chile have already implemented desalination plans into their operations. This group includes ….Read more

Children in the Philippines are damaging their health while mining for gold

399px-thumbnailThere are currently 115 million children with ages from five to 17 years old who work in hazardous occupations worldwide, the United Nations International Labor Organization estimates. Among them, about a million children work in the mining industry. Hundreds of maybe even thousands of them live in the Philippines.

Recently, the Center for Investigative Reporting, in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, published an article about this scourge through the site The piece started by telling the story of a young miner:

Romnick Bocejo picked up his blowtorch and blasted a small lump of mercury and gold. A cloud of toxic fumes rose around his head as the heat vaporized the mercury. He covered his mouth and nose with his T-shirt, and kept working.

At 16, Bocejo has worked half his life in the meager family business: looking for gold in the remote mining region of Camarines Norte, about 200 miles southeast of Manila.

One of his jobs is to burn the mercury, and on this occasion, he produced a button-size lump of nearly pure gold. He is uncertain whether to believe the smoke is dangerous.

….Read more

Arctic ocean might be “hiding” rare earth element

Photo: Alchemist-hp Scandium
Photo: Alchemist-hp

The potentially good news for the mining industry was revealed during the recent American Geopysical Union Fall Meeting, which occurred in San Francisco. Considered “the largest worldwide conference in geophysical science”, the event attracted more than 20,000 attendants, who were able to participate in a few sessions dedicated to the Arctic ocean and its hidden treasures.

According to the Alaska Dispatch, James Hein, a senior scientist at the United States Geological Survey and expert in ocean sciences, talked about “Critical Metals in Western Arctic Ocean Ferromanganese Mineral Deposits”. The researcher analyzed the findings made by North-American cruises in 2008, 2009 and 2012.

Hein revealed that the scientists collected ferromanganese crusts and nodules, concluding that the Arctic ocean notably differed from other oceans in terms of chemical composition. Amidst other less important discoveries, the scientists did find out that the crusts and nodules collected were the only ones from the global ocean enriched in scandium.


A silvery-white metal that is sometimes classified as a rare earth element. This substance is often found near other rare earth elements and ….Read more

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