Haulage Truck Bumper Design

The extended Haulage Truck bumper was developed to provide protection to the operator in the event of a rear-end collision between trucks. This protection is necessary because the outcome of a rear-end collision between trucks often results in the rear-end of the dump body of the forward truck penetrating the cab area of the rearward … Read more

Water Jet Cutting to Reduce Dust

Objective: Use water-jet-assisted cutting technology to reduce the exposure of mine workers’ to respirable dust. Approach: Install water-jet-assist on mining machines and evaluate its impact on respirable dust. How it Works Water-jet-assisted cutting involves a mechanical cutting bit working in combination with a moderate pressure (generally up to 10,000 psi) water jet directed just in front of, … Read more

Cutting Rock by Water Jet

The use of water jets to augment mechanical rock cutting has advanced greatly since the discovery a decade ago that water jets diminish the forces acting upon drag bits cutting in strong rock. Other research workers cutting in a wide variety of rock types and with various geometries of bits unanimously confirmed that substantial benefits … Read more

Monorail Bridge Conveyor System

The Bureau of Mines has sponsored numerous high-risk research programs over the past decade to improve productivity and health and safety in underground coal mining by advancing state-of-the-art continuous face haulage systems, These systems are designed to move coal nonstop from the continuous miner to the next stage of rail or belt haulage (approximately 500 … Read more

Water Powered Jackleg Drills

The idea of using the energy of water (hydropower) for the purpose of deep-level mining has its origins in South Africa. It stems from necessity and practical considerations. With a constant increase of the depth of mining, ventilation and cooling requirements made it essential to chill the service water sent underground. Water in the shaft … Read more

Mining Truck Dispatching Method

The main purpose of truck dispatching systems is to increase equipment productivity. Since productivity is measured in tonnage or volume over time, productivity increases are made by decreasing truck and shovel cycle time. This decrease can be translated into more production with the existing operating equipment or constant production with a smaller equipment fleet. Concurrent … Read more

Water-Jet Rock Drilling

Abstract The U.S. Bureau of Mines has patented and transferred to industry an abrasive-enhanced water-jet rock drill. This drill incorporates three novel components: a collimator, jet deflectors for cutting clearance, and an unpressurized swivel, which rotates at 1,000 rpm while passing 20 gpm of an abrasive slurry flowing at 1,000 ft/s. Drilling occurs through the … Read more

Water Jet Assisted Rock Cutting

High-volume, low-pressure water jets have been employed for erosion of loosely consolidated rocks for centuries. This excavation method finds application in specialized circumstances even today. The use of high-pressure, low-volume water jets for rock cutting is more recent and was made possible by the development of high-pressure water pumps. Despite the benefits often claimed for … Read more

Placer Gold Prospecting Equipment

The outfit to be taken on a prospecting trip depends upon the mode of transportation, the work contemplated, and the funds available. Enough equipment should be taken, but unnecessary articles make extra work. When a more or less permanent camp is established, added equipment for personal comfort and efficiency can be obtained. Usually a cabin … Read more

How to Size a Water Spray Systems

Determine what diameter piping is necessary to obtain sufficient water flow to spray nozzles used for dust suppression. A simplified, diagrammatic method of calculating the flow of water through a proposed system consisting of a supply line and two banks of spray nozzles is outlined. How it Works The pressure versus flowrate of the supply at … Read more