Deister Flotaire Column Flotation Cell

Deister Flotaire Column Flotation Cell

The FLOTAIRE Flotation Cell is a column flotation cell designed to utilize aspirated gas in surface tension lowered water to generate extremely fine bubbles. The non-mechanical distribution of the fine bubbles throughout the column without agitation or turbulence allows for greater bubble/particle adhesion. The combined effect of these operating conditions shows enhanced flotation recovery of both very fine and very coarse particles of phosphate, coal and sulfide minerals.

The Deister FLOTAIRE was utilized as a scavenger flotation machine to recover copper from final plant tailings. Assay results indicated that the FLOTAIRE recovered copper in both the coarse and fine fractions. Cyclone-deslimed tailings were tested. The testing conditions varied feed rates and retention rates. Based on ongoing research with scavenger flotation of copper and silver flotation tailings, further developments and results detailing the Flotaire’s performance will be forthcoming.

Prior to the first installation of a commercial size FLOTAIRE Cell, tests have been conducted on pilot plants. Tests run over a period of 4 months indicated the following advantage from use of the FLOTAIRE Flotation Cell.

  1. Reduced ash and sulfur content in the froth.
  2. Ability to float more coarse coal particles .
  3. Reduced mechanical entrapment of fine clay material in the froth.
  4. Higher ash and sulfur content in the tailings.

Reagent conditioned feed pulp enters the cell thru feed pipe 17 into feed distribution chamber 18. The distributed feed particles fall 3.7 m(12 ft.) against a rising flow of air bubbles. Particles which remain unattached to air bubbles are discharged thru orifice 30 into tailings pipe 22. Particles attached to air bubbles overflow lip 57 into launder 20 and are discharged thru concentrate pipe 63.

column flotation cell small commercial plant

column flotation cell large commercial plant

column flotation cell copper sulfide

column flotation cell pilot plant

column flotation cell scavenger

column flotation cell scavenger flotation

column flotation cell plant c feed

column flotation cell variation

column flotation cell variation in copper recovery

column flotation cell comparison

plant operation of the deister flotaire column flotation cell