Process Tailings Filtration Plant

With this simple flowsheet you can thicken, filter and prepare to “dry stack” your just filtered tailings.

Our standard packages are for process plants of:

  • 25 Tonnes/Day = 1 Tonne/Hour
  • 50 Tonnes/Day = 2 Tonne/Hour
  • 100 Tonnes/Day = 4 Tonne/Hour
  • 250 Tonnes/Day = 10 Tonne/Hour

This is a standard process plant which includes only the major components of the complete flowsheet. A detailed engineering study is required to identify unforeseen omissions that may be required to design the optimum plant.

Major equipment includes: Thickener, Slurry pumps, Holding tank, Press Filtration, Filtrate tank, Overflow tank.

Additionally, we offer separate packages for water treatment. Contact us for details.



tailings filtration plant

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