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double hammer mill electronic shredder zoom


double hammer mill electronic shredder zoom


double hammer mill electronic shredder zoom


double hammer mill electronic shredder
electronic shredder
electronic shredders
double hammer mill electronic shredder
double hammer mill electronic shredder
double hammer mill electronic shredder
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Electronic Shredder Hammer Mills

For HIGH REDUCTION RATION applications, our Electronic Shredders are made of Dual Stage Hammer Mills usa manufacturerfeaturing two gravity discharge industrial hammer mills, stacked one over the other. This unique design is ideal for two distinct processing goals: reducing large, bulky materials to a fine fully shredded consistency, and grinding free-flowing material to an ultra-fine finished particle size.

Disintegrate your solid-state hard-drives to a super-fine scrap electronic power of under 2mm.

The energy resulting from the dual revolving rotors produces a suspension zone that provides additional size reduction. As a result, a finer grind is achieved in one pass through the dual-stage mill, than can be achieved in multiple passes through a single hammer mill.double hammer mill electronic shredder

  • The Electronic Shredders are available in 5 standard sizes
  • Space-saving stacked design features a slide-out rail for ease of maintenance
  • Option of carbon or stainless steel construction plate
  • Multiple hammer styles and sizes
  • Reversible hammers maximize wear life
  • Replaceable abrasion resistant wear plates protect mill housing
  • Interchangeable heavy-duty bar grates or perforated screens made from abrasion-resistant steel

This Electronic Shredder is a Monster Hammer Mill capable of pulverizing most anything to dust!



WA Single Stage Ecycler

+2000 microns                  36g                       6.6%
-2000 +841 microns         62g                       11.4%
-841 +595 microns           54g                       9.9%
-595 microns                     394g                     72.2%

RA Dual Stage Edestroyer

+500 microns                    9g                          1.7%
-500 +250 microns           45g                       8.5%
-250 +105 microns           170g                     32.1%
-105 microns                     306g                     57.7%

Electronic Shredder Models & Technical Specifications

electronic shredders

Hammer Mill Drive Components:

  • Two (2) 3/50/380/1800, TEFC motors
  • V-belt drives with various diameter cast iron sheaves to set speed
  • OSHA approved belt guards, solid or perforated
  • Hammer tip speeds up to 22,000 feet per minute (112 meters/second)
  • Safety lockout package prevents accidental start-up


Electronic Shredder Housing Construction:

  • Primary and secondary mills are each carefully designed at the right width and rotor diameter
  • Manufactured from A36 carbon or 304 stainless steel plate, dust-tight weld construction
  • Thick replaceable AR400 steel wear-liner plates throughout the interior of the mill housing feature an optional ribbed design to generate stator friction.
  • Mounted on a structural steel sub-base
  • Mill top and discharge flanges allow easy mounting of in-feed and discharge chutes or hoppers


Hammer Mills Rotor Assembly:

  • Four-way reversible AR400 or 304 stainless steel hammers
  • Optimized diameter heat-treated or stainless steel hammer rods
  • Precision machined shafts warranted for five (5) full years
  • Heavy-duty rotor disc and spacer assembly


Electronic Shredder Bearings & Packing:

  • Complete pillow block bearings
  • Spring-loaded, refillable lube sites, pre-greased prior to shipment
  • Packing glands are employed to prevent material leakage along the shaft
  • Optional clamp-on fans between housing and bearings to dispel heat


Electronic Shredder Screens & Hammer Mill Grates:

  • Four total screen segments with properly optimized area in each mill
  • Perforated screens, HD jet screens, and HD bar grate options
  • Screens and grates come in many sizes and are easily interchangeable

Additional Optional Equipment for your Electronic Shredder Hammer Mills

  • Feed chute with baffles and concave impact plate
  • Discharge chute with round or square outlet
  • Stainless feed chute with baffles and concave impact plate
  • Stainless discharge chute with round or square outlet
  • Support stand with roller track to move secondary mill for maintenance
  • Two (2) Variable Frequency Drives in NEMA 4X enclosures
electronic shredder
Hammers inside the shredder
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