Hammer Mill Hard Drive Shredder

A hammer mill specifically designed for for Hard Drive Shredder in the eScraping electronic scrap recycling business.

No matter what your electronic scrap recycling application, you can count on extraordinary performance. The robust design of the EScraper Hard Drive Shredder – with its specially designed grinding rotor – is not only engineered to be more efficient, but it also features the longest-lasting, most durable components available. That means you spend less time performing maintenance, and more time processing and recycling.
No other hammer mill destroys computer and electronic components better than our Hard Drive Shredder. In today’s digital world, protecting proprietary information requires extra measures throughout the business cycle. The EScraper is an important tool in the security process giving you added confidence that your confidential information never ends up in the wrong hands.

  • Unlike most shredder, which tends to create long strips of e-waste, the EScraper passes material through a small screen or grate.
  • The powerful and turbulent action within the mill renders the electronic components virtually unrecognizable and certainly unusable.
  • Scrap enters the steel grinding chamber and is attacked by a series of steel hammers that crush, rip, and shred the material into small pieces
  • At the same time, the material is being reduced in size, it is also scraped and scoured, rendering any remaining information on the components illegible.
  • Typical applications include the destruction of printed circuit boards (PCBs), lead frames, ICs, and ink wafers
  • Computer hard drives are completely shredded and destroyed thus eliminating the ability to retrieve any remaining embedded data. The average hard drive is reduced to pieces that are less than 3/4″ (19mm) after passing through the hammer mill. Secondary processes can reduce these pieces to an even finer grind.
  • Need a grind to under 2mm? Contact Us!.


WA Single Stage Ecycler

+2000 microns                  36g                       6.6%
-2000 +841 microns         62g                       11.4%
-841 +595 microns           54g                       9.9%
-595 microns                     394g                     72.2%

RA Dual Stage Edestroyer

+500 microns                    9g                          1.7%
-500 +250 microns           45g                       8.5%
-250 +105 microns           170g                     32.1%
-105 microns                     306g                     57.7%

hard drive shredder models
Actual rate based on specific material being processed, infeed size, and desired finished size. *Dimensions are for mill only and do not include peripheral equipment. * Other Hard Drive Shredder models also available to suit any application

How to Profit from Precious Metals Recycling

No other Hard Drive Shredder is more valuable for the effective and profitable recycling of precious metals from electronic components than our hammer mill. The hammering action not only reduces, but it also liberates various materials on populated components such as PCBs. These materials can then be identified and segregated downstream by other processing equipment. The precious metals recovered can be resold for a profit, which means less waste going into landfills.

shredded hard drive
Shredded Hard Drive
  • Replaceable wear plates made from thick, abrasion-resistant steel
  • Four-way reversible hammers for long service life
  • Heavy-duty rotor assembly
  • Oversized shaft and bearings
  • Hinged access door allows screen change in seconds
  • Rotate or replace hammers without removing mill top
  • Off-the-shelf replacement parts
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