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Let’s introduce the small top loading kiln and front loading metal melting kiln we have for sale:

  • The Quick Melt QM Top Loading Electric Kiln
  • The Rapid Fire Front Loading Electric Kiln

electric melting furnace for saleUtilize the rapid heat technology which is a 15 Amps system that powers 1500 Watts through our hand wired coils embedded within our ceramic insulation. Both of these kilns use a Digital PID temperature controller that actually has an auto-tuning function that keeps track of temperature at desired set temperature within + plus or minus – 1 Degree. The melting kilns temperature controllers are very accurate, very easy to use it.


All kilns have 80 mm cooling fans to maintain a safe operating temperature for the electronics; to ensure optimum performance of the kilns during operation.
The Quick Melt Kiln model is for anyone doing precious metal treatment or melting precious metal like old and gold, silver, copper, jewellery or scrap. The QM melting kiln is actually offered with 5 different sizes in reference to the crucibles.


Electric Metal Melting Furnace

The graphite crucible size translates into kiln melting capacity being:

  • QuikMelt Pro 10 Top Loading Electric Kiln 10 Troy Ounces
  • QuikMelt Pro 10 Top Loading Electric Kiln 30 Troy Ounces
  • QuikMelt Pro 10 Top Loading Electric Kiln 60 Troy Ounces
  • QuikMelt Pro 10 Top Loading Electric Kiln 100 Troy Ounces
  • QuikMelt Pro 10 Top Loading Electric Kiln 120 Troy Ounces
  • QuikMelt Deluxe Top Loading Electric Kiln 10 to 120 Troy Ounce

Each of these kilns come with the appropriate size tongs for whichever crucible size you pick.


The Rapid Fire PRO-L with the standard controller can fill a double duty. This small electric melting kiln can do a single temperature of hold. For example, if you do need to fire something so 1500 Degrees and hold it for 20 minutes then shut it down, this furnace can do it perfectly.

electric melting furnace for sale

And with the Rapid Fire PRO-LP (available with a programmable controller) you can fit a crucible within the firing chamber allowing the kiln to become a precious metal melting furnace but also maintaining the ability to cure or bake any art piece. This programmable kiln is a great for all of the glass fusing and enamelling and anyone that needs total control over the parameters: heating time, soak time, ramp times for all your firings; you could actually program between 30 different steps with those controls. It’s completely versatile and very easy to use.

All Kilns and Furnaces are all: lightweight, small & portable, versatile and powerful.

electric melting furnace for sale-specifications

Manufactured using the lightweight alumina fibre insulation, we are able to keep the kiln’s weight down to 10 lbs for the QM Quick Melt model and 12 lbs for the Rapid Fire Furnace. This makes these kilns extremely portable for your workshop or classroom. Even if you have to transport the kilns; it’s not like you have to carry around a 60, 80 or even a 100 lb kiln. Our kilns are offered in 3 different finishes:

  • Raw steel surface
  • Powder coated black models – never see the tempering or surface rust
  • Custom finishes in 6 colours like yellow, red, blue, purple and everything else

We actually use Cerakote which is a high temperature ceramic paint on the custom painted furnaces and kilns. All furnaces and kilns are painted in the house, custom ordered.