Vibratory Screen Separator

By pre-screening your material before crushing fines that cake easily, your can reduce or eliminate the packing load typically placed on the jaw crusher. This vibratory screen (scalping screen), can be provided with a sieve suited to your needs. It will remove the sample portion already smaller than the final size. This speeds up the crushing process, improves efficiency and decreases wear on the crusher.canada manufacturer
It can be used as a free standing unit, or paired with one of our jaw crushers.

If required it can be supplied with a fines dust enclosure.

The scalper screen have about 10 Liter (1/2 gallon) capacity

Available in 110V/220V 1 phase/3 phase 50/60Hz on a 1/3 HP motor

Screens available in 3 mesh, 5 mesh, 10 mesh and others upon request.



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