Crusher Shutdown Sequence & Procedure

Crusher Shutdown Sequence & Procedure

Shutdown-crusherNormal Crusher Shutdown Sequence & Procedure

  1. Shut down the apron feeder.
  2. Wait until all equipment is free of material.
  3. Shut down the jaw crusher.
  4. Stop conveyor #3, associated interlocks will shut down the rest of the equipment.
  5. Shut down the cone crusher and lube system.
  6. De-energize the electromagnet. (Swing the magnet clear of the conveyor before de-energizing).
  7. Shut down the dust collector, the scrubber bottoms pump will automatically stop. Close shut off valve in reclaim water line to scrubber bottoms pump.

It is important that a complete or partial Crushing Plant shutdown resulting from process interlocks, equipment protection devices or any other reason be thoroughly investigated as to the reasons for the stoppage and the condition corrected before restarting any equipment.

Emergency Crusher Shutdown Procedure

In the event of an emergency, conveyors #1 and #2, the apron feeder and the screen in the Crushing Plant are shut down by stopping conveyor No. 3. The cone crusher, jaw crusher and the dust collection system must be shut down individually.

All equipment in the Crushing Plant can be stopped with locally mounted stop switches or at the Crushing Plant MCC. Also ensure that the cone crusher lube system is shut down.

After the equipment is shut down, close the shut off valve in the reclaim water line to the scrubber bottoms pump.

Crusher Shutdown Sequence & Procedure

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