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high capacity bottle roller drive 911mpebr-2000
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High Capacity Bottle Roll Drive


RPM adjustable between 27.5 and 276 with steps of 0.5 RPM. Being 1.8 meters long with 3 rolls, this bottle roller will hold multiple bottles.europe manufacturer



The housing of 911MPEBR2000 is made of steel with powder coated RAL5005 paint.

The bottle roller is equipped with a safety cage and closed down with a manual safety switch. The cage will be supported with pneumatic springs.

Starting of the bottle roll machine is possible only when:

  • power is connected;
  • the emergency switch is not activated;
  • all parameters are given to the digital program of the machine.
  • The safety switch is closed in the right way.

Starting the bottle rolling process

  • Open the lid of the machine and put in the required amount of bottle onto the rolls.
  • Set the parameters as described before
  • Close the machine lid, lock the safety switch and press start on the display.

Stopping the bottle rolling process

  • Stop the operation by pressing the emergency switch, or
  • When the time elapses, the milling process is automatically ended. The display is reset to the last set value.
Adjust the rolls to meet the requirements suitable for the used bottles. Pull the black locking knob (1) on both sides of the roll and slide the roll into the right position (2).

Bottle Roll Drive Maintenance

It needs to be greased with intervals of 150 hours. The grease should be applied to the bearings of the roller.

high capacity bottle roller drive specifications

Bottle Roller 1


AControl panel

Used to set up programs and control the machine


Emergency stop buttonIt can be pressed in case of emergency to stop the machine
CSafety switch

To close the cage properly


Safety cageProtection to prevent objects from falling in

Used to place the bottles on

When selecting the right place for the machine, please consider the following:

– Put the device on smooth, horizontal and stable place.
– Leave enough space beyond the device for normal air circulation, min. 200 mm at the back of the machine.
– Leave enough space around the device, that you will easy control and maintain it.
– Don’t use the device in surroundings, where there are fast temperature and humidity changes. Also avoid places exposed to direct sunlight and places nearby heating devices.
– Avoid places, where the possibility of shocks and vibrations exists.

Note: The machine should not be placed so, that it is difficult to pull out the cord plug from main power supply.

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