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Fire Assay Furnace

This 25 place fusion (assay) furnace is electrically powers by a 24000 Watt heating element allowing it to reach and hold a temperature of 1200 degrees C (2200 F).china manufacturer

With a working area of 56 cm deep X 59 cm wide X 19.5 cm tall, this furnace will hold:

  • 25 x 50 or 65 grams crucibles
  • 42 x 30, 40 or 55 grams crucibles


The external structure of furnace shell made of galvanized steel sheets, mounted on the bracket on the surface of the shell made of steel pipe. The blue paint; Furnace Body: the inner surface of the furnace is made of alumina refractory brick, and the back is insulated refractory brick; Heating mode and rated energy consumption; Temperature control mode: electric, automatic control, the highest temperature can reach 1200 degrees; Temperature sensor: “K” thermocouple, high measurement accuracy;

Power supply: the furnace body is equipped with a 10A, single phase cable and plug, and the power load is 5A; Pneumatic control furnace door opening and closing, foot switch convenient for users to operate, avoid high temperature and hot environment caused by security risks. fire assay furnace (2)assay-furnace-4-1assay-furnace-2

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