Auto Clamping Laboratory Pulverizer

Our 911MPEG1500 Laboratory Pulverizer is slightly larger than the 911MPESTLX and offered with or without an air hoist. It has an automatic pneumatic clamping system which is a good option for reducing back strain.

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This pulverizer can take 20mL grinding barrels and larger. Most customers use a 250mL or a 500mL grinding barrel with this machine.

The 911MPEG1500 provides an automatic clamping option with grinding barrel sizes ranging from 50ml to 500ml.

Although it is capable of pulverizing samples of 1 Kg to 1.5 Kg, for these quantities, we recommend using a larger pulverizer as it will be more efficient. The lift up door is made of lightweight aluminium and the automatic clamping eliminates repetitive tasks.

The heavy-duty long lasting motor has been proven by years of service and it has a rugged stainless cabinet with sound dampening enclosure.

This laboratory pulverizer:

  • weighs 240 Kg
  • comes in 3 phase/60 cycle,
  • 1 HP motor as standard
  • 1 phase and/or 50 cycle motor available.

These options need to be specified at time of ordering.

The panel with electronic timer can be mounted on either side. Optional extras include an air hoist for inserting and removing grinding barrels which eliminates operator fatigue and is mountable on either side.

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