Explosives Explosions and Flames

Explosives Explosions and Flames

Table of ContentsResearch and Technologic ActivitiesExplosion, Flame, and. Combustion ResearchCombustion StudiesIgnition StudiesResearch on Explosion Hazards in Operations Involving Flammable Gases and LiquidsDetermination of Flammability Characteristics of Individual CompoundsExplosives Research and TestingApplied ResearchFundamental Explosives ResearchEvaluation of Explosives and Blasting DevicesExperimental Coal Mine and Dust Explosions ResearchExperimental Coal MineDust Explosion Galleries and ChambersDust Explosion LaboratoriesMeetings and ConferencesExplosion, … Read more

Spectrograph Analysis of Tungsten

Table of ContentsScope and Outline of MethodEquipmentExperimental Effect of Germanium Added to TungstenVolatilization StudiesX-Ray Analyses of ChargesDetails of the MethodPreparation of Standards and SamplesProcedureOperating ConditionsResults of Analyses One of the main advantages of this method for estimating impurities in tungsten is that the analysis is performed on the metal. Ideally, samples and standards should be … Read more

How to Separate of Tantalum from Columbium

Table of ContentsMaterialsExperimental Procedure and ResultsSmall-Scale TestsInitial CoextractionSeparation of Tantalum from ColumbiumProcedure for High-Columbium MaterialsProcedure for High-Tantalum MaterialsAssay Procedure for Equal Amounts of Tantalum and ColumbiumSeparation of Tantalum from Columbium in Special CasesReuse of SolutionsRecycling Feed SolutionsReconditioning Methyl Isobutyl KetoneRate of Transfer TestsLarge-Scale TestsApparatusProcedure and Results for Mixer-Settler ColumnStepwise Tests, Mixer-Settler Column with Gravity Feed … Read more

How to Operate a Blast Furnace

Table of ContentsExperimental FacilitiesExperimental OperationsDiscussion of Results The experimental blast furnace has attracted increasing interest during the past decade as a practical means for investigating a broad range of blast-furnace smelting problems. Under experimental-furnace conditions, information can be obtained with less expenditure of time and raw materials and, therefore, at lower cost than comparable information … Read more

Phosphorus Pentoxide Content Determination Method

Table of ContentsMaterials and EquipmentDescription of MethodDetermination of Best Fitting CurvesAccuracyPossible Improvement The precipitate method described herein is advantageous because of its rapidity and relative simplicity. This method eliminates the standardization of reagents, second filtration, washing of precipitate, and dissolving of ammonium phosphomolybdate precipitate, all of which are required in the titration step of the … Read more

Nuclear Reactor Simulation

Table of ContentsDescription of the LoopInduction-Heated Simulated Nuclear Reactor (ISR)Helium-Recycle CompressorDust FilterHelium-Purification SystemPerformance of ISR System During 1,000-Hour TestInduction-Heated Simulated Nuclear ReactorHelium-Recycle CompressorHeat ExchangerDust FilterHelium-Purification System Construction of a 250-p.s.i.g. helium-recycle system to operate with gas temperatures as high as 2,500° F. appears feasible. More development work is required, however, on heat exchangers and compressors. … Read more

Determination of Lithium In Lithium Minerals

Table of ContentsApparatusPreparation of 2 M Citrate Buffer Stock SolutionStandardizationPhotometric Analytical ProcedureInterferencesAccuracy and Precision A simplified, routine method for determining lithium in lithium-bearing rock is presented. The sample is decomposed by repeated treatments with nitric, hydrofluoric, and perchloric acids. Since this procedure does not appreciably dissolve beryl, interference by beryllium (the principal interfering cation) is … Read more

Asbestos Mining Methods and Costs

Table of ContentsMethods of Prospecting and ExplorationMethod of Estimation of Tonnage ValueDevelopment And Mining (General)Old Regal WorkingsNew Regal WorkingsNavajo WorkingsDevelopment DetailsStope MiningUnderground TransportationAuxiliary OperationsPercent Extraction and Production RatesVentilationMine DrainageSupervision and Labor DistributionWage Contract RatesSafety PracticesThe Chrysotile MinesHistorical Data on Methods and CostsMilling and GradingCost for Year of 1957 This is one of a series of … Read more

How to Make Boron by Electrolysis

Table of ContentsTheoretical ConsiderationsExperimental Procedures and ResultsCell DesignAnode MaterialsCathode MaterialsOperation of the Electrolytic CellTemperatureCathode Surface and Length of ElectrolysisComposition of Fused-Salt BathsElectrolyte AlkalinityInert-Atmosphere CellAnalytical ResultsConclusions Because an economic method for preparing pure boron has not been developed, a program was started by the Bureau of Mines to evaluate existing techniques or to develop new methods … Read more

Smelting Taconite in Blast Furnace

Table of ContentsRaw Materials UsedBlowing-in FurnaceSmelting Operation Using Plus 10-Mesh OreSmelting Operations Using Plus 4-Mesh OreDiscussion of ResultsSmelting with Basic SlagHeat Balance for Taconite Ore SmeltingProduction Costs Crude Minnesota taconite was charged in the Bureau of Mines experimental blast furnace so that smelting characteristics of such highly siliceous raw materials could be studied and smelting … Read more