Fire Assay Furnaces and Furnace Equipment

Fire Assay Furnaces and Furnace Equipment

Table of ContentsCoal, Coke and Oil FurnacesGasoline Fired FurnacesGas FurnacesFURNACE TOOLSMoldsCRUCIBLES AND SCORIFIERS The furnaces used in assaying are many in design, varying mainly with the kind of fuel used. The furnaces are classified as follows: (1) Pot furnaces, in which the assay is in direct contact with the fuel; (2) Muffle-furnaces, in which a muffle … Read more


This is an overview of setting up and conducting a flotation rate test. The test is a means of determining the flotation characteristics of an ore. It is conducted in a laboratory scale cell usually with a volume of two point five litres. The intention is to generate relationships of cumulative recovery, mass pull and … Read more

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7 Rare Earth Elements that Run our World {Infographic}

SOURCES Alonso, E et al. 2012. Evaluating Rare Earth Element Availability: A Case with Revolutionary Demand from Clean Technologies. Environmental Science & Technology. 46 (3406−3414) Humphries, M. 2013 Rare Earth Elements: The Global Supply Chain. Congressional Research Service King, H. Rare Earth Elements and their Uses. Mineral Commodity Summaries. 2016. United States ... Read more