1. Horizontal Process Pumps Modification to Comply With API-610 Sixth Edition Forces And Moments
  2. Diamond like Carbon Coatings Tribological Possibilities and Limitations in Applications on Sintered Silicon Carbide Bearing and Seal Faces
  3. Changes in Pump Vibration Levels Caused by the Misalignment of Different Style Couplings
  4. High Pressure Noncontacting Mechanical Seal for API Applications
  5. A Case History Improved Hydraulic Design Lowers Cavitation Erosion and Vibrations of a Water Transport Pump
  6. Magnetically Driven Centrifugal Pumps Eliminating Seal Problems in Refinery and Chemical Processing Plant Equipment
  7. A Case Study Unusual Problems Discovered During the Rerate of 2800 HP Boiler Feedwater Pumps and Turbines
  8. Vibration Problems With an electric motor for a Centrifugal Pump Installation
  9. Pump Vibrations Acoustics in Pumping Systems
  10. A New Method for Secondary Contaminent of Emissions From Primary Seals
  11. Torsional Vibration in Pump Driver Shaft Trains the role of External Damping from Pump Impellers
  12. CFD Analysis of a Double Suction Cooling Water Pump
  13. New Developed Multistage Variable Speed Drive of High Economy for the Speed Control of Pumps with Powers up to 40,000 HP
  14. Bone Dry Running Tests Utilizing Diamond Like Carbon Coated Silicon Carbide Bearings and Polymer Lubricating Strips in an ANSI Magnetic Drive Pump
  15. Power Recovery Turbines for the Process Industry
  16. Inspection and Quality Control
  18. Rolling Element Bearing Status Using Frequency Analysis
  19. Application of Variable Speed Electric Motors for Pumps Forces on Centrifugal Pump Impellers
  21. Enhanced Mechanical Seal Performance Through Proper Selection and Application of Enlarged Bore Seal Chambers
  22. Improving Tribiological Performance of Mechanical Seals by Laser Surface Texturing
  23. Oil Lubricated Systems for Process Pumps and Related Equipment
  24. Magnetic Fluid Seal System for Control of Pump Fugitive Emissions
  25. Field Investigation of Bearing Housing Oil Cleanliness
  26. Dry Start Bearing for Vertical Pumps
  27. Thermal Test Analysis of Bearing Frame Inline Pumps on High Temperature Service
  28. Centrifugal Pump Application Key Hydraulic and Performance Criteria
  29. Effects of Entrained Air NPSH Margin and Suction Piping on Cavitation in Centrifugal Pumps
  30. Dual Gas Sealing Technology for Pumps
  31. The Utilization of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Turbomachinery Design and Analysis
  32. Short Courses on Basic Pump Hydraulics with a Minimum of a Mathematics
  33. Reducing ANSI Pump Maintenance Costs Through Componenet Upgrades
  34. A Brief Introduction to Centrifugal Pumps
  35. New Advances In Pulse Width Modulated Slip Power Recovery Drives For Pumps
  36. Centrifugal Pumps Hydraulics for Low Speed Applications
  37. Pump Rotor Critical Speeds Diagnosis and Solutions
  38. Selection Strategy For Mechanical Shaft Seals in Petrochemical Plants
  39. Application Guidelines for Pumping Liquids that have a Large Dissolved Gas Content
  40. Visual Studies of Cavitation in Pumping Machinery
  41. Pump Impeller Lifetime Improvement Through Visual Study of Leading Edge Cavitation
  42. Pump Vibration Analysis for the Amateur
  43. Rotordynamic Developments for High Speed Multistage Pumps
  44. A Comparison of the Application of Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps
  45. Centrifugal Pumps Inspection and Testing
  46. Flow Margin Improvement of Existing Cooling Water Pumps with Respect to Extreme Part Load Operation Conditions
  47. Fundamentals of Centrifugal Pump and System Interaction
  48. Solutions to Abrasive Wear-Related Rotordynamic Instability Problems on Prudhoe Bay Injection Pumps
  49. Inside the Sealless Pump
  50. Face Seal Balance Ratio Selection for two Phase Single and Multicomponent Mixtures
  51. Solution to Cavitation Induced Vibration Problems in Crude oil Pipeline Pumps
  52. The New Hydraulic Institute Pump Intake Design Standard
  53. Flow Patterns Causing Instabilities in the Performance Curves of Centrifugal Pumps with Vaned Diffusers
  54. The Development of Low Friction Low Leakage Mechanical Seals Using Laser Technology
  55. Magnetic Bearings as an Impeller Force Measurement Technique
  56. Using Fault Trees to Determine the root Cause of Rotating Equipment Failures
  57. Upstream Pumping New Developments in Mechanical Seal Design
  58. Design of Magnetically Driven Chemical Pump to fit ANSI B73.1 Dimensions Using a Semiopen Impeller
  59. Perdicting and Improving the Dynamic Behavior of Multistage High Performance Pumps
  60. Experimental Evaluation of Bladder Type Pulsation Dampeners for Reciprocating Pumps
  61. Analysis of Nozzle Loads for Process Pumps
  62. Experimental Determination of The Reverse Flow Onset In a Centrifugal Impeller
  63. Technical Features of Large Vertical Concrete Volute Pumps
  64. How to Extend the Life of your Boiler Feedpump
  65. Tandem Seals for Near Zero Hydrocarbon Emissions
  66. Experiences with a Numerical Method of Calculating Slurry Pump Casing Wear
  67. Smoke or Substance Some Misconceptions About Desirable Construction Features of Centrifugal Pumps
  68. Future of the Pump Industry
  69. Development and Field Test Results of High Performance Seals for an NGL Injection Pump
  70. Air Model Testing to Determine Entrance Flow Fields
  71. Improved Mechanical Seal Design Through Mathematical Modelling
  72. The Prediction of Bearing Lubricant Temperatures and Cooling Requirements for a Centrifugal Pump
  73. Does Impeller Affect Npshr
  74. Low Cost Reliability Through Operator Involvement
  75. Vertical Diffuser Type Turbine Mixed Flow and Axial Flow Propeller Pumps A Brief Overview
  76. Componenet Balance for Centrifugal Pumps Effects of Product Design Balance Machine Tooling and the Balancing Process on Balancing Repeatability
  77. Condition Monitoring of Rolling Element Bearings Installed in Centrifugal Pumps
  78. Testing and Field Performance of a High Duty NGL Pipeline Seal
  79. Shaft Size for Multistage Pumps
  80. Critical Speed Analysis of an Eight state Centrifugal Pump
  81. Vibration Monitoring of Vertically Mounted Pumps Tools for Manufacturers and Users
  82. A Solution for Variable Speed Vertical Pump Vibration Problems
  83. Improving Pump Reliability in Light Hydrocarbon and Condensate Service With Metal Filled Graphite Wear Parts
  84. Design and Operations of Pumps for Hot Standby Service
  85. Continuous Monitoring of Sealless Pumps The Next Step
  86. Analysis and Testing of Alternative Bearings Materials for Applications in Sealless Pumps
  87. Determination of NPSHR for Reciprocating Positive Displacement Pumps A New Approach
  88. Canned Motor and Magnetically Coupled Pumps Applications Operations and Maintenance in a Chemical Plant
  89. Design and Testing of Dual Seal Series Arrangements for Pressurized Barrier Fluid
  90. Oil Mist Lubrication for the Petrochemical Industry
  91. Reverse Indicator Cold Alignment with Graphical Plotting
  92. Two Phase Flow Performance of a Heat Transport Pump
  93. The Development of an Advanced Mechanical Seal for Slurry Applications
  94. Pump Pro A Centrifugal Pump Diagnostic Expert System
  95. A Comparison of Positive Displacement and Centrifugal Pump Applications
  96. The Effective Use of Sealing Technology to Meet the Ever-Tightening Environmental Regulations
  97. Vibration Behavior of HEBER Hydrocarbon Booster Pumps
  98. Gas Liquid Flow Through Centrifugal Pumps Correlation of Data
  100. Model Predictions and Experimental Result for the Rotordynamic Characteristics of Leakage Flows in Centrifugal Pumps