Ring and Puck Mill Pulverizer for Sale

Ring and Puck Mill Pulverizer for Sale

New Ring and Puck Mills and Pulverizer, a.k.a Vibratory Pulverizer, Ring and Puck Mill, Ring and Puck Pulverizer, Vibratory Mill, Vibratory Ring Mill, Vibratory Disc Mill are easily found if you got enough cash. Learn XRF sample prep method for best assay results.

Brand Names like Bico, GyralGrinder, ROCKLABS, Angstrom, Essa (now FLSmidth) will cost you over $US 9,000 + delivery.  Here are some examples:

pulverizer Sample Pulverizers
laboratory pulverizer Disk Pulverizer
Ring and Puck Mill Pulverizer standard ring mill 250
Ring and Puck Pulverizer Ring and Puck Mill Pulverizers
Vibratory Pulverizer Buy a Ring and Puck Mill for sale
Ring and Puck Mill FLS


 Sample Pulverizer  http://www.angstrom-inc.com/TE250.html
 Ring and Puck Pulverizer http://www.bicoinc.com/vp.html at $9,000

http://www.lmine.com/product/25100.html at $9,000

https://ca.vwr.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?catalog_number=24253-010 at $19,000 for the SAME machine!

and finally at http://www.sepor.com/product/rotary-cup-mill-bico/

The machine pulverizing your sample is only as good as your prep method.  I personally do not favor paying $9,000 for simple sample grinding.  You are the one getting pulverized at this price.  There is some very good low-cost China Alternatives I will soon tell you about.standard ring mill 250SAMPLE PULVERIZER FOR SALE

Finely detailed instructions also at