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911MPE has small gold mining equipment for sale and more specifically mineral processing equipment. Our equipment is best used in small-scale extractive metallurgy operations operated by small miners or hobbyist prospectors and mining fanatics. 911MPE’ offers gold mining equipment as well as processing equipment applicable to most base metals such as copper, lead, and zinc. For the relatively small size of equipment offered, sample preparation and metallurgical laboratories can economically buy good alternatives to the usually unaffordable equipment sold in the classic marketplace.


911Metallurgy Corp. has behind it a Mining & Mineral Processing Engineer helping you make the right choice in process equipment and extraction methods.

911MPE has for its target market what mining professionals consider the pilot-plant scale mining operation or ‘artisanal’ mining operations with a focus around under 500 TPD. Metals you can extract include gold, silver, or other precious groups as well as the classic base metals; copper, lead, zinc, nickel, and molybdenum. Much of our small-scale equipment is portable and allows you to process from just a few kilos (pounds) per day and work on your passion for a small budget.

You can buy mineral processing equipment from us starting from crushing, grinding, classification, dredging, gravity separation, flotation, pumps, water treatment, and smelting. A line of ovens, furnaces and laboratory equipment is also available.

In the USA:

  • an easily obtained exploration license lets you process up to 5,000 tons per year (15 TPD).
  • a not much more difficult to acquire, a small-scale miner’s permit will allow you 25,000 tons per year (75 TPD).

In South America, in a country such as Peru:

  • A Minero Artesanal license allows for Mining claims of up to 1000 Hectares and a Maximum Plant Capacity of 25 tons per day
  • A Pequeño Minero permit allows for Mining claims of up to 2000 Hectares with a Maximum Plant Capacity of 350 tons per day

In Chile:

  • A Minero Artesanal license allows a Maximum Plant Capacity of 50 tons per month
  • A Pequeño Minero permit allows for a Maximum Plant Capacity of 275 tons per day has the small process mining equipment for you.

2023 Gold Mining Equipment List

Making a complete list of gold mining equipment starts with defining the type of gold mining you are doing and the budget you have at your disposal. The type of mining relates to hard rock, eluvial, or placer; alluvial deposits. The capital budget you have to invest in buying your equipment which dictates the scale at which you want to mine and influences the long-term operating costs of your mining operation.

Since most of the information online provides lists of gold mining equipment for amateur level mining with equipment like gold pans, metal detectors, mini sluice box, blue bowl, geologist rock pick, soil scoop, hand screens/classifiers. The items listed just now fall closer to gold prospecting tools and equipment than actual mining.

I will present here what I consider to be major equipment lists for 3 types of mining operations. Remember now, a metallurgist is writing. This will not be flawless and since my specialty is process equipment, that is mostly what will be discussed.

Hard Rock Gold Mining Equipment

  1. Diamond Drilling Equipment
  2. Earth Moving Equipment
  3. Ore Transportation & Distribution Equipment (this can be done by hand/shovel for very small scale mining)
  4. Rock Crushing Equipment
  5. Grinding Equipment (and the associated grinding media)
  6. Classification Equipment
  7. Gravity Gold Recovery Equipment
  8. Gold Flotation Equipment (in some but all cases)
  9. Gold Leaching Equipment by CIL/CIP
  10. Gold Leaching Equipment by Merrill-Crowe
  11. Slurry Transportation & Storage
  12. Tailings Disposal (dry)
  13. Flotation Concentrate Drying and Storage (for larger >100 TPD plants only)
Conceptual Eluvial/Dry Mining Equipment Arrangement

Eluvial Gold Mining Equipment

Placer Gold Mining Equipment

General Equipment for all types of Gold Mining

Mining Equipment or Methods to be Avoided

  • Hydraulic mining using monitors
  • Mercury
  • Suction dredging is prohibited in some areas
  • Uncontrolled use of cyanide

Some amateur-level gold prospecting equipment such as metal detectors are often classified as mining equipment by small miners/prospectors operating as a hobby. These items include but are not limited to:

Gold Cube, Goldhog mat, sluice box, Mini Black Magic, Desert FoxPro-CamelGold Genie Spiral Gold Wheel, Rock Tumblers & Polishing Kits, CrazyCrusher Rock Crusher, K&M rock crushers. Be sure to visit our mining equipment blog.

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